Guinean Sole

Frozen Guinean Sole

Scientific name: Synaptura cadenati

Provenance: Mauritania

Fishing mode: Extraction and trawls net

Fishing zone: F.A.O. nº 34

Nutritional value Guinean Sole

For every 100grs. of product

Energy value: 77 kcal – 325 kj

Proteins: 18 grs.

Carbohydrates: 0,3 grs.

Sugars: <0,1 grs.

Fats: 0,4%, saturated 0,13 grs.

Salt: 0,19 grs.

Format and size

Packaging presentation: cartons of 15 and 27 kgs. approx. to the weight

Size pieces in cms.: G: 34 cm. /450/+grs., M: 28-34cm./350/450 grs., P: 22-28/250/350 grs.

Allergens: fish

Part description I.W.P.-I.Q.F .: Flat fish, individually placed in a transparent plastic bag, color and texture characteristic of the species.