Red Lobster

Frozen whole red lobster

Scientific name: Panulirus Mauritanicus

Provenance: Mauritania

Fishing mode: pots and traps

Fishing zone: F.A.O. nº 34

Nutritional value red lobster

For every 100grs. of product

Energy value: 83.9 kcal – 351 kj

Proteins: 17.2 grs.

Carbohydrates: 1.3 grs.

Fats: 1.1%

Format and size

Packaging presentation: cardboard boxes of 5 and 8 kilos net

Size pieces: 100/200, 200/300, 300/400, 400/500, 500/600, 600/700, 700/800, 800/900, 1000/+ grs.

Allergens: crustaceous, contains sulfites

Part description I.W.P.-I.Q.F .: Characteristic color and texture of the species, individually placed in a transparent plastic bag.

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